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Visual-Dynamic School Mathematics
Using Technology for Implementing the 21st Century Pedagogy

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How Technology Can Provide a Pedagogical Breakthrough
in Both the Teaching and Learning of School Mathematics

Visualization is essential for human beings to KNOW the meaning of any object or term ("a picture is worth a thousand words").
Exploration is essential to UNDERSTANDING THE properties and characteristics of an object.
By exploration humans learn to know and to understand.
Teaching and learning through visualization and exploration is HUMAN PEDAGOGY. This is the way people learn to know and to understand their own worlds from their earliest childhood experiences onward.

The Importance of Human Pedagogy in the Teaching and Learning of School Mathematics
Both in the teaching and learning of mathematics, the implementation of Human Pedagogy is essential. This is because the symbolic language of mathematics is like a foreign language to humans.
it is very difficult to people to fully know and to understand the meaning of mathematical expressions without translating these expressions into visual representations. In order to understand school mathematics, it is imperative for the learner to explore the visual representation of each expression.

How Technology can be used to provide a Pedagogical Breakthrough in teaching/learning Mathematics
Today’s computers enable the teacher and the learner to experience visual representations of mathematical expressions. By using visual-dynamic quantitative tools, students and teachers can explore and discover concepts, theorems and the properties of mathematics. This exploration will lead to a true understanding of mathematics.
The implementation of this approach will create a Pedagogical Revolution in school mathematics education. In turn, the teaching of mathematics in school, will improve significantly. This improvement will give rise to an increase in students’ achievements and a reduction in dropout.

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