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Visual-Dynamic School Mathematics
Using Technology for Implementing the 21st Century Pedagogy

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How Teachers Will Teach School Mathematics

Teachers will be equipped with a computer with appropriate software and a projector. Alternatively, an interactive board may be used. In any case a visual-dynamic quantitative environment will have been created.
Such an environment will allow the teacher to translate the mathematical symbolic language into accurate visual-dynamic representations. The teachers will have turned the lesson into “mathematical experiments” (like physical experiments). There will be no need for “chalk and board” explanations. Rather the teacher will guide and encourage students to participate in understandable exploration processes.
All will be accomplished by using visual-dynamic quantitative tools which are provided by the appropriate software. In addition, the teacher will be assisted by online video lessons which cover most subjects that are taught..
The video lessons will be prepared by capturing a computer screen during real mathematical exploration activities. Such video lessons will contain written guidance aimed at active learning. The teacher is provided with full control of the videos as s/he presents the lesson.

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