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Visual-Dynamic School Mathematics
Using Technology for Implementing the 21st Century Pedagogy

 Teachers' Testimony

Teachers' opinion about MathematiX visual-dynamic software:
  • "We had a good experience with MathematiX software, which was widely integrated in Herzeliya secondary schools, while being there as secondary school superintendent. All teachers which used the software expressed their enthusiasm and motivation." (Yaffa Pass director for pedagogical development, Israeli Ministry of Education).

  • "Our school integrated MathematiX software successfully and to full satisfaction of our teachers and students. All teachers were involved in MathematiX professional development in Weizman Institute. Our school is willing to be the demonstration school for integrating MathematiX software with school mathematics education in the Southern Region of israel." (Varda Levy - Director, Comprehensive High School A, Ashdod)

  • "With MathematiX my students understand and love mathematics, and high achievements became obvious." (Nathan Harpaz - Author of Math books and Senior Math teacher, Hoel-Shem High School, Ramat Gan, Israel).

  • "I can't imagine how it is possible to teach mathematics without MathematiX." (Zofit Herbest -  Gilboa Regional High School, Israel).

  • "As a experienced teacher of all secondary school grades, I can testify that the use of MathematiX software have a significant contribution for in depth understanding. The software is very friendly. The students developed very quickly a full control of using the software and demonstrated a great interest, motivated by their own curiosity. The software enables the teacher to create unique exploration activities, without limitation of level or subject. The students become active learners, capable to explore and discover mathematics general properties and rules." (Ruth Segal - math coordinator, Nave Eitan regional school.)

  • "I never thought that it is possible to teach mathematics in such an innovating, interesting and understandable way. MathematiX made it possible. It is really great..." (Tal Bar Maoz - Regional Math Supervisor).

  • "Thank you, Dr. Dalin, for providing us with MathematiX - such an excellent and easy to use software." (Udi Frish - teacher, Dror. Regional High School, Israel).

  • "We were looking all over for a mathematical software. We didn't find anything like MathematiX." (Dr. Rina Hershkovitz, School of Education, Weizman Institute for Science, Rehovot, Israel).

  • "Knowing its capabilities and performance, I highly recommend the use of MathematiX." (Neomy Chissik, Head of mathematics education, ORT, Israel).

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