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Analytic Geometry -  Conic sections


The Math World of Conic Sections - Screenshot

The software enables one to learn the properties, characteristics and geometrical representation of conic sections.

Points and Straight lines, including: 
Points on a plane, midpoints of segments, distances between points, straight lines, parallel lines, perpendiculars, perpendicular to a line through a given point, distance from a point to a line, etc.

Circles,  Ellipses, Hyperbolas and Parabolas, including:

  • Defining the parameters of equation and displaying the graphical representation of a section, its foci and directrices.

  • Dynamic changing of the graphical representation while changing the equation's parameters. 

  • Displaying, calculating and exploring the distances between the foci, points on the graphs and the directrices, including sums or differences and/or ratios of distances.

The software includes:

  • Dynamic movable tools, such as: Points, Segments, Straight Lines, Parallels, Perpendiculars, Tangents, Chords, Perpendiculars from a point, Tangents through an external point, Angles and Angle Bisectors.

  • Tracing while obtaining updated quantitative information for each location, and the dynamic tools, including the relevant equations.

  • Quantitative coordinate system (scales), fully user controlled by zooming in/out, dragging the axes and changing the scales.

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