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Visual-Dynamic School Mathematics
Using Technology for Implementing the 21st Century Pedagogy


mathematiX TM - Visual-dynamic Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus
Visualization + Exploration = Discovery + Understanding = Success




The software enables to implement a new pedagogical approach by: 
Translating symbolic mathematics into visual-dynamic graphical presentations
and providing the needed tools for quantitative exploration and discovery.

Getting Started Guide
for New Users (~15 min)

 With MathematiX software you can: 
  • Easily type any function in standard mathematical notation using our unique Mathematical Notation toolbar. 

  • Display any function graph on fully adjustable quantitative scales.

  • Enlarge/diminish desired part of a graph.

  • Accurately trace along a graph.

  • Use unique dynamic mathematical tools (tangents, parallels, chords, perpendiculars, etc.)

  • Watch automatically updated data needed for quantitative exploration.

  • Watch dynamically updated measures

  • Create series of graphs.

  • Accurately explore functions properties and characteristics, including points of intercept, max., min., inflection, etc.

  • Easily translate a graph.

  • Change format, styles and colors for any displayed objects.

  • And much, much more...

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