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Basic Trigonometric Functions

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The sine Function


The cosine Function


The Tangent Function


The Tangent Function as a Ratio sine/cosine


Inverse Trigonometric Functions




Exploring the arcsine Function

Operations with Trigonometric Functions


The Function  f(x) = sinx + cosx  and its Graph


The Function  f(x)= sin2x + cos2x  and its Graph

The Absolute Value of Basic Trigonometric Functions


Transformations of the sine Function


Changing the Amplitude


Changing the Period


Horizontal Translation


Combinations with Trigonometric Functions


Analyzing Function  f(x) = x + sinx  and its Graph

Analyzing Function  f(x) = x2 + sinx  and its Graph


Analyzing Function  f(x) = xsinx  and its Graph


Analyzing Function  f(x) = x2sinx  and its Graph


Analyzing Function  f(x) = (sinx)/x  and its Graph


Analyzing Function  f(x) = sin(1/x)  and its Graph


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