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Visual-Dynamic School Geometry
Using Technology for Implementing the 21st Century Pedagogy


Geometry Navigator TM  - visual-dynamic plane geometry




The software implements a new pedagogical approach by: 
Visual-dynamic demonstrations of plane geometry concepts and theorems
and providing the needed tools for quantitative exploration and discovery.

 With the software you can: 
  • Create geometrical shapes with one click of the mouse (triangles, quadrilaterals, regular polygons, non-regular polygons and circles).

  • Create triangles and polygons of desired measurements, display and color areas.

  • Change shapes to fit desired measurements, move, multiply, reflect and rotate shapes.

  • Create points, segments, rays, lines, parallel and perpendicular lines.

  • Create special segments - medians, altitudes, angle bisectors, perpendicular bisectors, perpendicular from a point to a line; circumscribed and inscribed circles.

  • Use our virtual geometrical tools, such as: a ruler, a compass, a protractor and a special angle tool for creating and measuring angles.

  • Explore characteristics and properties of geometrical objects using our special Values Table.

  • Change the displayed scale and gridlines.

  • And much, much more...

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